LoL: Patch 5.13 rundown

Fri 10th Jul 2015 - 12:58pm : Gaming

The first most noticeable change that is made, is the brand new champion Tahm Kench. A froglike creature, who uses a his tongue and his belly to defeat his opponents.


Kalistas auto attack damage has gone down slightly, while Kayle's has gone up when she has her E active because of a buff to the AP ratio.

Kennen, Ekko, Syndra, Skarner and Jayce all recieved a few bugfixes.

Nautilus, Rek'sai and Shyvana have all recieved minimal nerfs to one of their abilities.

A few visual fixes for Veigar and Thresh has occoured as well.

The jungle item "Devourer" has also been tweaked, so now after killing 30 big jungle creeps, or getting 30 kills/assists, you will get the "Sated Devourer" which procs on-hit effects TWICE every two auto attacks.

Pretty much every single AP item recieved an update, where most of the items got cheaper, and a few got some extra AP.

Nunu, Rumble, Shyvana and Brand have all recieved visual update for their abilities

Chroma packs for Bard, Karthus and Dreadknight Nasus will also be released later in the patch, as well as a Master Chef Tahm Kench skin, and Gentleman Gnar.



Mathias Kulmbach

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