Topic5 Trout Fishing Tips for Summer

  • Fri 10th Apr 2020 - 10:01am

    Fishing during the summer months are the most challenging months for trout fishers. That's because trout are cold blooded fish. They prefer cooler water temperatures (50-68 degrees Fahrenheit, on average).

    And as much as we all love to be outdoors enjoying the warm sunshine, the hot sun tends to heat our lakes and streams so that trout become uncomfortable. This doesn't mean you can't catch trout in the summer months - because you can! It just means you might have to adjust your tactics a bit. And to help you, we've listed some summer trout fishing tips best baitcasting reels for beginners.

    Here are five Summer Trout Fishing Tips:

    Tip #1 - Fish early morning (dawn til about 10 a.m.) or early evening (dusk til dark). Water temperatures are cooler during these times and insects are out - so trout will be feeding near the surface of the water.

    Tip #2 - Keep an eye on water temperature as the day progresses (using a water thermometer will help). Once surface water temperatures rise above 70 degrees, you know that trout have headed for shaded or deeper water.

    Tip #3 - Look for shaded pools or deep pockets of water. Trout will often be found holding in them when water temperatures rise.

    Tip #4 - If lake fishing, rent a boat (if you don't own one). During the summer months (especially mid day), trout will be in deeper water (which is usually in the center of a lake or near a dam).

    Tip #5 - Use a fish finder! When lake fishing during summer months, it can be difficult to find where trout are holding and feeding. Fish finders will not only tell where trout are, but also at which depth (so you know exactly where to fish).

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