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  • Wed 1st Jul 2020 - 4:08am

    After annihilating rice soldier navy's fleet of sea surface, the bombload of unmanned machine consumed about, the unmanned machine also lost a war power, however the Yan flies of the enemies all exterminated about, now lose fighting strength also not calculate what serious affair.So though the sea surface up still has a great deal of rice country navy's soldier still is struggling to beg to living, Yan's flying don't also spare no one to them, but quickly left battlefield. Soundly asleep in those hostage still just unmanned machine cockpits in rescuing of six dreamlike islandses Jose Altuve Astros Jersey, outward the affair of noodles occurrence knows not a thing.Wait until to keep off after engaging a waters, under the operation that Yan fly, the unmanned machine rises noodles in Shanghai from the bottom of sea, then suspends to get off the ground, beginning facing northeast the direction fly over there, will return to a dreamlike island. Although unmanned machine experience various all of the wars, its energy orders just just broke, the energy actually consuming in the war orders also not much, plused Yan to fly to have no at the small scaled production car to carry on a product to process in today, so the energy leaving orders very ample, plus to fly time to still have a lot, completely can let it flies to return to dreamlike island to go like this. Fly up in the unmanned machine 25000 meters high empty, at the time that direction flew, the full speed facing dreamlike island's artificial intelligence"fantasy" suddenly flewed for Yan hair to come to alert:"The Yan flies a Sir, our satellites just examined, the rice country shot four inter-continental guided missiles from missile base in Alaska, after calculation, discovered that the attack target of these four inter-continental guided missiles is exactly our dreamlike island." After the Yan flew global satellite system of shooting the dreamlike island, the dreamlike island also had supervision ability in the world.So all escape once there is guided missile blast-off in that place however the supervision of the dreamlike island, and ability in cutty time in judge the attack target of one this guided missile is where, whether will bring threat to dreamlike island.So the rice country shoots of the inter-continental guided missile just got off the ground, be discovered by the dreamlike island satellite Yordan Alvarez Astros Jersey, and knew their attack targets. Hear a "fantasy" warning, the Yan flies a bit shocked, hurriedly from the in general use space in take out the notebook of one set specially made, link the satellite network of last oneself signal, the beginning is in the computer carry on looking into.Show in the "fantasy" emulation under, can discover that those four rice country inter-continental guided missiles are being placed in ascension to expect, haven't soared into space in. But after"fantasy" to the flight track of these four inter-continental guided missiles calculation, but discover that the attack target of these four guided missiles is exactly a dreamlike island.The attack target of a guided missile is dreamlike management Dept. mansion in the island, the attack target of a guided missile is the villa that the Yan flies a house, the attack target of a guided missile is a terminal disease hospital, the attack target of the last guided missile then dreamlike island laboratory. The Yan flies to ask a way:"Is dreamlike, can make sure these four the guided missile carries of is what warhead, is nuclear weapon machine?" The "fantasy" says:"Rice country this guided missile model number that shoot is gs lg-30s" militiaman 3", this kind of guided missile is the main inter-continental guided missile of rice country, its artillery range comes to a 13000 kilometers.Can not only carry a nuclear warhead, but also carry a normal regulations warhead, but simply seeing from their flight tracks can not also judge, they carry exactly isn't a nuclear warhead." The Yan flies to say:"Can you invade the military center of rice country and find out the detailed information that this guided missile shoots?" The "fantasy" says:"What the rice army matter center use is a set of completely independent closing network, it isolated a physical network conjunction, and and outside of the network completely break to open, so temporarily can not also invade their networks." The Yan flies to the slightest don't give the rice president Guo's face this time and returned be the noodles shot of the rice country satellite system sank the whole rice country navy's fleet and brought huge weapon loss and personnel's dead and injured to rice country Alex Bregman Astros Jersey, so the revenge Yan that will soon arrive to the rice country flies to still have mental preparation.Is just unique take to prohibit of BE, the rice congress can't shoot nuclear weapon machine to oneself. However no matter rice country this guided missile that shoots is to isn't nuclear weapon machine, Yan's flying can't allow the sky that they appear in the dreamlike island, and he says:"Is dreamlike, immediately start dreamlike radicle in the sky in the island anti- lead system, after waiting until these four inter-continental guided missiles to soar into space, will they all shots ruin." The rice country shoots inter-continental guided missile to carry on an attack to the dreamlike island, is a very dangerous affair, ignore it up what to carry is to isn't nuclear weapon machine, the Yan flies and can't let these guided missiles fly to dreamlike island and brings oneself threat. The rice country launched a guided missile attack to the dreamlike island, temper flew according to the Yan, the nature isn't passive to suffer beating, but want to launch tough backstroke.He considered for a while and said:"Is dreamlike, make use of for a sky, radicle is anti- the shot leading system after ruining four inter-continental guided missiles of rice country, then to rice foundation of a nation soil ……boon ……shot the ruining provide to navigate for these four inter-continental guided missiles in the space of the rice country gps satellite." "Fantasy" indetermination of say:"The Yan flies a Sir, you just is meant to say to carry on backstroke to the rice foundation of a nation soil?" The Yan flew to just really want to carry on backstroke to the rice foundation of a nation soil and attackstoned some core sections of rice countries, however more than 6000 nuclear weapon machines in the at the thought of rice country weapon database after, the Yan flew some pressure mountains big Christian Yelich Brewers Jersey, so canceled the big backstroke to the rice foundation of a nation soil very wisely.The rice foundation of a nation soil so didn't suffer an enemy attack for several years, once the Yan flies to attackstone them, affirmation will arise rice country the people's strong rebound, dreamlike island and rice country will thoroughly tear open face, is endlessly the hostile relation that is deathless, isn't what good matter to the development of dreamlike island like this when the time comes. The dreamlike island had certain self-preservation ability now, but once being placed in a military to resist a form with rice country completely in, rice country a brain comes over all nuclear weapon machine blast-off, dreamlike island even if have without equal in strength force, can not also deal with so much nuclear weapon machine, only demolish a road.So before the real strenght of the dreamlike island hasn't developed Nian to press a rice country, the Yan flies temporarily and prohibits fully to carry on public stroke to the rice foundation of a nation soil.But the space this time Be anti- to lead a battle, just the Yan flies a warning to the rice country and lets the other party know real strenght in the concealing of dreamlike island, then retreats in the face of difficulties. Artificial intelligence"fantasy" although the intelligence quotient is very high,the intelligence quotient basically has no emotional quotient, sometimes is some ineffective light, it didn't discover the real meaning that Yan flies, and then feared to listen to wrong meaning, so would carry on detailed inquiry to this problem. Get the Yan flies of after affirmation reply, the "fantasy" just starts transfering that Earth of being located in the dreamlike island synchronous orbit satellite, and the together dreamlike island satellite system carry on the data commutation in time and worked well in the space to carry on the preparation work that the guided missile intercepts. The huge Earth synchronous satellite that has been hanging in the dreamlike island top of head comes up to say from the essence that the platform being anti- to lead system being a day radicle, useds for in the space to oppose guided missile and satellite that the person shoots to carry on destroying and intercept Josh Hader Jersey.Certainly, the radicle is anti- to lead system this day of platform of the first purpose still discover that the rice country shoots platform in the energy in the space, then shoots this energy the platform destroy and relieve a rice country to fly to the Yan in the space of attack ability. The platform that radicle in the sky like this is anti- to lead system totally has three, they are located in three different directionses on the same orbit respectively.Their blast-off arrives to circulate in the orbit already have a period of time, but basically none of the nations knows their true uses.However they will this time space guided missile's intercepting is own Zheng Rong in the display, and is been familiar with by people of this world.

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