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  • Wed 1st Jul 2020 - 4:12am

    But at this time, the technical personnel of commanding center starts reporting a rice country the satellite observes of the latest intelligence report:"Report discovers that the Earth with unidentified that use in dreamlike island orbit synchronous satellite appears excrescent action." All satellites and the Earth orbit synchronous satellite that the dreamlike island shoots always in the rice country of tight inspect under, the rice country shoots inter-continental guided missile to attackstone a dreamlike island this time, the nature also every moment pays attention to the variety circumstance of dreamlike island satellite Michael Jordan White Sox Jersey.So when dreamlike Earth orbit synchronous satellite in island a get into anti- lead a battle of preparation after, be discovered by the satellite of rice country. The rice soldier spot commanding officer asks a way:"What excrescent action?" The technical personnel says:"The Earth orbit synchronous satellite of dreamlike island opened the protection cover of outside, however because be apart from too far reason, we really don't know the synchronous satellite protection of that Earth orbit cover underneath exactly is what things, but initial doubt in should be a kind of weapon system that can used for a space battle." The rice soldier commanding officer looking at rice president Guo and says:"Mr. president, this Earth orbit synchronous satellite may carry on intercepting to the inter-continental guided missile that we shoot, I feel to start our satellite weapons and start first for strong, this Earth orbit synchronous satellite thoroughly the shot ruin." Rice president Guo a bit hesitant, in the outer space Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey, the rice country shot a great deal of cutthroat satellite, these cutthroat satellites are placed in dormancy at ordinary times in, conceal oneself in the blackness.But once being started, they will change the body extremely kill weapon and wring the opponent in the space to kill clean.Rice president Guo of so is hesitant, is because these cutthroat satellites will be taken aim at by own enemy right away turn to°from the dark place clear place when the time comes once exposing a body form, lost a latent talent function, could not reach the effect of its never thought that. Repeatedly consider under, rice president Guo still didn't start cutthroat satellite, didn't even start a rice country in the strongest cards in the hand in the space, he says:"Observe first for a while, see the other party reaction to say again." Hence the rice country not only puts attention on the dreamlike Earth orbit synchronous satellite in island, but also pays attention to the flight circumstance of the oneself"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile. In the middle of being 36000 kilometers of spaces apart from the ground, the Earth orbit synchronous satellite of dreamlike island starts transforming, satellite under of the protection cover is closely opened, peeps out an inside to arrange of shape weird guided missile.The guided missile amount of inside comes to a 60 of many, is just that their shapes are a bit weird, typical model of head the big belly is small, with the guided missile head on the earth the small belly grows quite the contrary. The satellite system of dreamlike island supervises and controls the flight circumstance of the rice country inter-continental guided missile and continuously delivers the flight data of inter-continental guided missile to the Earth orbit synchronous satellite control centre.Then these four"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missiles finally flew atmosphere, arrived at outer space.Since this time, the inter-continental guided missile turned into second stage, is also a rocket to help to push a machine and fight part to leave, fought a department to start getting into don't push the second orbit of dint flight stage.After arriving this stage, "militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile couldn't change his/her own flight track. The satellite system of dreamlike island used to lately fish for means and plused the super strong calculation ability of artificial intelligence"fantasy", so though the "militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile of rice country has already helped rocket to push machine and guided missile separation to open after soaring into space, and the speed comes to a 400% velocities and even still releases metal balloon, aluminium foil interference various electronicses, such as silk and full-size bait warhead...etc. to resist device, but be still targeted by the satellite dead dead of the dreamlike island. Then see the guided missile of dreamlike Earth orbit in the island synchronous satellite hang to continuously loosen, the most nether eight guided missiles escape from and soar into space in.Then the guided missile end of the tail start some fire and carry on air acceleration, sees the light of fire connect Shan Javier Baez Cubs Jersey, these eight guided missiles facing under the target quickly fly. The guided missile that the dreamlike Earth orbit synchronous satellite in island shoots because the opposite beginning starts speed to zero, have to carry on acceleration and change to, would be shooting juniors to go some fire operation.Provides in the end of the tail of push a dint function under, these eight guided missiles are more and more quick in the airspeed in the vacuum, soon accelerate to more than 2000% velocities. Is anti- in these eights and lead guided missile just the disheveled hair projection came of time, because the reason of the tail Yan is probed by the satellite of rice country a while.However along with after its speed broke 2000% velocities, the satellite of rice country lost their traces. The rice country commanding officer discovered this circumstance, some misgivings, say:"Mr. president, the dreamlike Earth orbit synchronous satellite in island is a radicle in the sky that is located in in the space Be anti- to lead platform, they just shot eights anti- led guided missile, although the flight track that hasn't computed, their affirmation wanted to intercept our inter-continental guided missiles." Rice president Guo says:"You feel that our inter-continental guided missiles are so intercept?" The rice soldier commanding officer says:"I to ours" militiaman 3"the inter-continental guided missile has much of confidence, it the only ability is intercepted of the opportune moment is the ascension that just shot time to expect, once soaring into space in, they weren't likely to be intercepted." Rice president Guo says:"Since can not be intercepted, you and then is worrying what?We still calm down view it changes!" Hence the rice soldier commanding officer no longer talks and pays attention to the animation emulation on the screen to play to show and the variety of related data. In the space, dreamlike island of anti- lead guided missile at huge push the function of dint under continuously acceleration, its speed more and more quick, soon broke 5000% velocities, came to an appalling 100 times velocities.And its speed hasn't arrived his/her own top, its speed again promotes Corey Seager Dodgers Jersey, very quick be accelerated 200 times velocities of unprecedented in history. With the material on the earth, basically canning not make can attain the material that 20000% velocities fly.However there is money chemical element in the dreamlike island, after joining this kind of money chemical element, the guided missile of dreamlike island plays body strength to significantly promote and finally comes to an a terrible height and incredibly flew in the space of without air resistance the super high speed of 20000% velocities. Rice country of so think own ballistic guided missile can not be intercepted and biggestly rely on is a guided missile extremely high airspeed is in the space.But unexpectedly will appear a kind of high-speed guided missile that 20000% velocities fly, under the attack of this kind of high-speed guided missile, 4 times velocities in the rice country inter-continental guided missile space are to fight five residues. The "militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile of rice country gets into outer space, just with borrow inertial carry on high speed of flight, then from the seeing the above space the light of fire is one Shan, four guided missile with weird shapes with terror arrive extremity of high speed fly down Clayton Kershaw Dodgers Jersey, accurate shoot these four"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missiles, then take place in the space violent explosion, these four"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile thoroughly the shot ruin. The Yan in the unmanned machine's flying has been paying attention to this space anti- lead a battle, he is some to worry the rice country shoots nuclear weapon machine to the dreamlike island.However after discovering that the guided missile intercepts successfully, having never taken place the violent nuclear explosion is deep-fried, he is just thoroughly rest assured.Rice country although this looks vehemence roaring appearance,still has proper restraint, didn't use the most dangerous nuclear weapon machine and carried on the inter-continental guided missile of Be just normal regulations weapon. In the rice country battle commanding center, represent the light of four"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile to get dark a while, explain these four"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missiles to have already lost contact with ground.

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