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  • Wed 1st Jul 2020 - 4:15am

    The rice soldier commanding officer says:"I just of judgment is according to we know of weapon level, but see now, we of the enemy should use unexpected happening of extremely high soon weapon.Wanting ~only the speed of their weapon is quicker than us, can expel interference have been targeting our guided missiles, they can carry on intercepting to our guided missiles." Rice president Guo apprehensives to say:"Your meaning is to say Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers Jersey, our enemy has a kind of high speed anti- lead guided missile, then use even the outer space that we didn't control high-speed guided missile intercepts system and successfully intercepted ours of inter-continental guided missile?" The rice soldier commanding officer says:"Is quite good, intercept our guided missile of, may be a synchronous dreamlike island the Earth orbit satellite to before shoot very much of those eight model number unknown guided missile.Eight of their guided missiles are breaking 2000% velocities to lose a trace, we don't know that where they exactly arrive to went to as well ……" Rice president Guo's facial expression start becoming deadly pale, this kind of uses high-speed weapon to intercept enemy inter-continental guided missile in the outer space, and the shot ruins the ability of enemy satellite, is boasted by the rice country to plan for"the star fights" in the past.Since 80's in last century, they existed the "the star fought" plan on the ppt to pull down a stateowned history of rice with this the Soviets of the strongest enemy.But until now, several ten years passed by, the rice national capital didn't completely control the ability of this kind of"star war". The original rice country thinks that who this has no in the world to control this ability, who know now and discover already someone has the ability to launch "star war", but lamentable BE, control this ability of, isn't their rice country, but their enemy. Lead a burst of, rice president Guo just ask a way:"You are to say, the dreamlike island is to shoot 8s anti- lead guided missile, our fours" militiaman 3"inter-continental guided missile did all shots ruin?This efficiency also too Gao, do we when just can attain this level?" The rice soldier commanding officer bitter and astringently says:"Perhaps isn't such, analyze according to our datas, the dreamlike island shot ruins our inter-continental guided missiles probably just use among them of fours Be anti- to lead guided missile." Rice president Guo hurriedly asks a way:"Does that still have anti- fourses to lead guided missile?Where are they now?" Saying of the rice soldier commanding officer misgiving:"I don't know as well, however hope that my judgment is false, otherwise the result will be very serious ……" In the space, those are four be been anti- by the rice what president Guo remembered to lead guided missile have already got into to be apart from a ground 20000 kilometer high empty orbit, they are rapid on this orbit fly, their attack targets are the gps of rice country to navigate satellite Justin Turner Dodgers Jersey.Fish for in the dreamlike island satellite system under, they have already found out the rice country gps satellite that carries on navigating for four rice soldier"militiaman 3" inter-continental guided missile, will the order flying according to the Yan navigate these 4 all of the satellites to shot down. There are totally four gpses in this district navigate satellite, after"fantasy" targeted their positions, those fours are anti- to lead guided missile is flown with the highest speed facing these four gps satellites.Under the guide of dreamlike island satellite, in the "fantasy" precise control, four targets that was anti- to lead guided missile to close to own attack. While being up to the speed of 20000% velocities, the gps of rice country navigates satellite airspeed too slow.Sees the light of fire connect Shan, anti- lead guided missile to continuously shoot to navigate satellite, is very easy and then shot down all of four gps satellites Cody Bellinger Dodgers Jersey.In inside in a certain corner in the space, shine four sparks of minutenesses, then disappear to disappear, four gpses of rice country navigate satellite drive thoroughly the shot ruin. And rice country the commanding center also got this news right away, discovered a rice country the gps navigates satellite little four, and these four positions are at the right moment located in to engage district.They understood a while, dreamlike island that among the missing fourses were anti- to lead satellite don't disappear, but the gps that attackstoned them navigates satellite.Had no these 4 to navigate satellite to carry on a fixed position and navigate, the rice country became blind person, their high-tech weapons wanted to carry on a battle in this district, basically is getting more impossible. The dreamlike island is located in radicle in the sky in the space anti- lead system start just, successfully shotted down four inter-continental guided missiles and four gps satelliteses of rice country, these eight high speeds that was all located in in the space sport target, will they the shot ruined to make a show of strong space in the dreamlike island at the same time anti- lead with the anti- satellite war power is also "star war" ability that everyone is familiar with. The rice country has been being promoting "star war" ability, and lent this to pull down a Soviets.But they have been being pursuing this kind of ultimate end war power as well, several ten years passed by, science and technology in the world advanced by leaps and bounds, and the rice country didn't own "star war" ability.Contrary BE, it is the talent person of younger generation that just just walked to go to satge in the world to own "star war" ability on the contrary dreamlike island. The nation that owns satellite supervision in the world ability in the world still has a lot, when the rice country just shot inter-continental guided missile, these nation supervised and controled this time the blast-off of inter-continental guided missile.Because don't know who the attack target of rice country is, these nations all hangs heart at the half is empty.Wait until to compute a , these four inter-continental guided missile attack targets isn't oneselfs, but north Pacific Ocean up of dreamlike island after, these nation all breath a sigh of relief, then start a very good-looking drama and calm down view it changes. The dreamlike island shot a super large carrier rocket by several days, 1 time sent to 27 satellites space in.The satellite network that set up to spread all over in the world of 24 among those satellites set, another 3 satellites are placed in synchronous orbit of 36000 kilometers of the Earths to can not hold still.Because this rocket in the dreamlike island shoots of time is very short, the dreamlike island hasn't come yet and carry on elucidation to the use of these satellites, so in addition to that 24 satellite networks, everyone is over to know nothing the function of one way that 3 Earth synchronous orbit satellites is what. But soar into space along with the inter-continental guided missile of rice country in, radicle in the sky in dreamlike start space in the island is anti- to lead system, shoots anti- lead after inter-continental guided missile and gps that the guided missile shot ruins a rice country navigate satellite, these nation of the talented person is like wakening from a dream, discovered that 3 real functions of the Earth synchronous orbit satellites.That root is a radicle in the sky that is located in outer space Be anti- to lead platform, similar to the rice country Mookie Betts Dodgers Jersey, they right away Be anti- to lead an ability hat with the title of "the star fights" this kind of space. From obtain of results in battle to see, dreamlike island the be located in in the space of anti- the platform leading system is very violent.Just shot eights anti- lead guided missile, the shot ruined an important target of eight rice countries and made a show of to very and highly intercept an efficiency in the space. These nation before reckon the weight of a dreamlike island the Earth synchronous orbit satellite to come to a many 60 tons, according to their traditional method calculations, discover synchronous orbit satellite the most of this Earth canning carry 2s anti- lead guided missile.But they neglected 1:00, is this day the radicle Be anti- to lead platform to be located in in the space, from the inside the blast-off the guided missile basically don't need to consume a great deal of fuel to make oneself soar into space, it an appear is a space, as long as consume a little amount fuel and then can add own speed to the terrible situation, then carry on an attack to the target in the space. So the synchronous satellite shoots from the Earth orbit of big parts of ladings in the guided missile of is all big power explosive, the only little part is a fuel.At under the design like this, a day radicle guided missile can become very supple and carry of amount nature ability a great deal of increment.A weight 60 tons of the Earth synchronous orbit satellite, can carry 60s anti- lead guided missile.

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